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Indian restaurants of Gauteng [Map]

So, on Saturday morning after I tweeted about my world map of freedom of information law, Simone Puterman of BizCommunity sent me a cheeky DM via twitter challenging me to produce a similar map of Indian restaurants in Jo’burg.
Well I had a few idle minutes this afternoon so I whipped up a little webscrapper, scraped this information from the online EatOut guide and put it into into a Google Fusion table which did a pretty decent job of producing a map, not just of the Indian restaurants (or at least those which are produced searching for such cuisine on EatOut) but for the whole of Gauteng. There’s a couple of unresolved addresses from the 40-odd that I grabbed which could be easily fixed manually for anyone who wants to collaborate on the table data which is here.
Total production time for this map +- 10 minutes.

A nice example, I think, of the power of Google Fusion.
So here you go Simone.

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