The JessicaLeandra twurricane unfolds [map]

I’d never heard of this individual before but after her “k-word” Twitter comment it looks like Jessica Leandra is about to be notorious enough for even me to know who she is. Interesting to watch the twitter comments unfolding on the map below.

On the march: Follow ANCYL march as mapped via twitter

Monitor the ANC Youth League march against poverty between Johannesburg and Pretoria as it is covered and commented on twitter via this map below. Zoom in for tweets closer to the action and zoom out to monitor broader commentary or coverage. Use the Map Wiki tool below the map to add your own material and edits.

Indian restaurants of Gauteng [Map]

So, on Saturday morning after I tweeted about my world map of freedom of information law, Simone Puterman of BizCommunity sent me a cheeky DM via twitter challenging me to produce a similar map of Indian restaurants in Jo’burg.
Well I had a few idle minutes this afternoon so I whipped up a little webscrapper, scraped this information from the online EatOut guide and put it into into a Google Fusion table which did a pretty decent job of producing a map, not just of the Indian restaurants (or at least those which are produced searching for such cuisine on EatOut) but for the whole of Gauteng. There’s a couple of unresolved addresses from the 40-odd that I grabbed which could be easily fixed manually for anyone who wants to collaborate on the table data which is here.
Total production time for this map +- 10 minutes.

A nice example, I think, of the power of Google Fusion.
So here you go Simone. Continue reading

Freedom of Information around the world (MAP)

I was doing some research this morning for a presentation I have to do next week and came across a great paper on Freedom of Information around world. I took the information and imported it into a Google Fusion table to produce this map which shows the 90 countries around the world with freedom of information laws. Fascinatingly, Sweden was the first country in the world with FOI law way back in 1766 with Columbia next nearly 120 years later.

I hope you find this a useful resource. Full data here

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