Is Branko bonkers or brilliant? SA’s first iPad daily ‘paper’ proposition examined

I was fascinated to read earlier this week about Daily Maverick’s irrepressable entrepeneur Branko Brkic’s plan to launch SA’s first iPad daily “newspaper” under the Maverick brand. It’s a concept that I’ve been keen on ever since laying my hands on an iPad and I too have spent many hours doing sums on the back of knapkins wondering if they can be made to work.

When I first looked at Branko’s proposition I thought he was bonkers. “There’s no way he can make this work,” I thought.

But then I took the time to do some calculations based on the assumptions that he has put out there already and from this we can glean some insight into his business plan.

This is what we know:

  • There will be a monthly subscription of R395
  • Subscribers will have to commit to a two-year deal
  • Branko targets an eventual market of between 20,000 and 25,000
  • He plans to offer around 40 articles a day

So, lets do some numbers (disclaimer: I am not an MBA, an account, or a business manager, so please challenge my assumptions/calculations) Continue reading